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After I signed the papers to sell the condo, I began to question my decision.  And I was sick with vertigo and a sinus infection so I had a lot of time to sit and think.  I pulled it together to go to church Sunday morning.  The sermon was about Psalm 131.  In this Psalm, David is trying not to concern himself with matters too great for him.  He has calmed and quieted himself, and puts his hope in the Lord.  I go home thinking that was a good and timely message but not particularly soothing as I look at the uncertain future.  

Monday morning I read a chapter in the book A Praying Life by Paul Miller.  He writes about the mystery of prayer.  And he references Psalm 131.  I start to pay attention.  

The author says that “prayer is a moment of incarnation — God with us.  God involved in the details of my life.”  Really?  God wants to be involved in the intimate details of my life?  Down to the simple things like finding a parking space?  I am not sure….

But I still have this vertigo andI feel like crap so I am headed to my ear doctor — and in this large office building downtown there are only two parking spots reserved for the Otologist and so I try it.  I pray that one of these two spots will be open.  And one is open.  






I sold my condo last Friday.  And no, I don’t know where I am going to live.  That’s the reason for this blog.

The days leading up to signing the sale contract, I cried and prayed and cried and prayed.  I am not good at making every day decisions so selling my home — one of the biggest life decisions humans make — just about left me in a pile (as a good friend would say).  The day the buyer and I were to sign the papers, I woke up with a crazy case of vertigo.  Even before I got out of bed the room was spinning and when I did get out of bed the dizziness sent me to my knees.  Some would say the sudden illness was a sign to not move forward.  But I had come this far — I bought OPEN HOUSE signs at the hardware store, put them in the ground, had two open houses and a buyer showed up.  God was seemingly providing an opportunity.  I pushed through the dizziness and nausea and signed the papers.  I took the papers and the escrow check to the title company, came home and got in bed for the rest of the day.  I spent the weekend sitting still as the room continued to spin and a sinus infection and a lot of second guessing set in.

By Monday my thinking had begun to turn around.  This blog is to document my journey through the next 122 days until closing day on the condo.